About Fat Transfers and Fat Injections

Often patients ask us to remove fat from one area, but not waste it! Often times it is possible to sculpt an area of excess fat, and through a process attributed largely to the success of Dr. Sydney Coleman from New York, Dr. Chernoff is able to meticulously inject your own fatty tissue into areas where aging has caused fatty deposits to deteriorate with a fat transfer. The most common areas for fat injections/fat sculpture are in the area of the brows, or under the eyes to fill in a gaunt or sunken in look. Other areas include marionette lines or nasolabial folds. The utilization of your own fat via injections to augment subcutaneous defects in your facial appearance is totally proportional to the imagination and ingenuity of the operating surgeon. Your own fatty tissue can be stored for several months giving you the ability to re-inject your own fat as a “top up” procedure.

The fact that this is the patient’s own tissue also is very attractive to patients seeking augmentation procedures in their body.

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                                                                            As we age, our faces and bodies
                                                                             go throughinvolutional changes as 
                                                                           result of lost fat. Our  eyes and 
                                                                          cheeks can appear sunken in. We  
                                                                        develop vertical l lines around our mouth
                                                                     commonly mistaken for smokers lines".
                                                                  Our  hands start looking boney  and our 
                                                               buttocks flattens. All of these changes are a
                                                            result of lost fat.
                                                        Autologous fat (stem cell) transfer is  a method of
                                                    facial and body contouring that involves reshaping 
                                               of undesirable parts, by removing fat from where it is  
                                            excessive and moving to areas that are deficient. Fat
                                         transfer is "autologous" because it's your own fat rich 
                                      with stem cells making it an ideal method to plump the
                                         face and add volume to areas of the body. Autologous fat
                                           transfer is safe, natural and non-allergenic.
                                                Autologous fat transfer is performed with Ultrasound
                                                 Assisted  Tumescent Liposuction or non-surgical 
                                                 needle suction aspiration to  harvest the fat. 
                                                Other procedures such as brow lifts, eye lifts, face
                                              lifts or breast augmentation can be performed at the
                                           same time.

Unlike synthetic fillers, fat transfer is permanent. The transplanted fat cells develop their own blood supply and will remain in their new location. If you are considering a fat transfer, it’s important to select a board certified plastic surgeon with experience and expertise performing fat transfer.

Greg Chernoff, M.D., is a Triple Board Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with over 20-years of experience. Dr. Chernoff has performed thousands of fat transfers with fat injections in Indianapolis and Santa Rosa, California with excellent results.

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